Cake and Custard

Best served with custard! We are all about 'cake and custard'. Our cakes taste even better with hot custard. Our cake sponge is fluffy, airy and moist.

Serving since 2006

The journey started a long, long time ago with just a traybake of the famous Caramel Tart. Shortcrust base, topped with velvety rich caramel. Today, we bake over 400 cakes daily.

Sprinkled with  Love

We take great pride in quality, taste and looks! Each cake is well taken care of during it's short lifetime.

Back to School

Remember the days when the dinner  lady used to serve up cake and custard? Re-live those moments again, then again and again.........

New Stuff

We are always thinking of new flavours to add to our range.


Try our new soda flavoured cakes, cherry or peach crumble,  and vegan chocolate cake.


No Alcohol 

All our cakes are alcohol free and suitable for vegetarians. 


Vegan and Gluten Free range available.

Love Dessert

The dessert industry is growing rapidly,  so fast that some people prefer dessert before mains. With over 40 cakes to taste from (and growing),  we have something for everyone.

Baked to  Perfection

All our cakes are baked fresh daily, and are delivered to retailers across the UK from our bakery in East London.



excluding Cheesecakes and some Gluten Free cakes


Our cakes look great, fun,  appealing and are tasteeeee. We use  British sourced quality ingredients. Only the best!

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